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Lynn Fuston
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Mics for Auria

Post by Lynn Fuston » Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:44 am

I am writing a review for Pro Audio Review about USB mics that can be used with iPads.

I tried out the Apogee MiC, Audio-Technica 2005USB and 2020USB, BLUE Snowball and Yeti Pro and also auditioned the CEntrance MicPort Pro for using regular studio mics with XLR out. They all work with the iPad although the Yeti Pro and the CEntrance both required use of the powered hub. All the others worked fine plugged directly into the iPad 4 (with appropriate adapter cables, of course).

The results of my testing, along with links to recorded samples on spoken voice (my own) and electric guitar will be available in the January issue of Pro Audio Review.

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