Zoom LIveTrack LR-12 Interface a good buy!

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Zoom LIveTrack LR-12 Interface a good buy!

Post by stevencirile » Wed Mar 28, 2018 7:16 am

Hello all,
I’ve just purchased and put through its paces the new zoom livetrack LR-12 recorder interface. So needless to say it records without an iPad or daw But anyone who records live or studio should know the importance of redundant recording, you get once chance to capture magic-so it’s nice to know you can record to the internal SD card at same time grabbi all 14 tracks on the iPad with Auria as well. One benefit is channeled 9-10-11-12 which are two stereo channels-are seen as separate tracks in Auria not blended stereo wav files-you must have all four 1/4 inch jacks populated on the livetrack for this to work-I use a Steinberg ur44-set to be one to one in and out channels 1 thru 4-so then you get 12 mic pres by feeding the line outs to 9-10-11-12 on the zoom l-12. It’s not a daw controller-but anyone using Auria shouldn’t mint that it’s easy to mx with fingers using Auria.
The units mic pres are really decent for the money-and the 5 headphone talent mixes are a maxi for the money-I used to have a multi thousand dollar hearback system to get the same thing in my studio.
For grabbing live tracks it’s awesome as a band mixer has everything that you need really with no fussy menus it’s an old school style board except with some memory for settings. The iOS class compliant mode works flawlessly. I did however run into a major issue with using it in PC Daw mode with Steinberg Cubase Elements 9-it sees all inputs but won’t allow record to be engaged. I’ll report back when I resolve that issue. Not an issue for me because I have dedicated studio Steinberg ur824 mic pres for that. Also tracks transfer is a breeze with the zoom L-12-usb stick into rear of unit-please be aware not all sticks will be read by the unit why I’m not sure. I had to try a few different ones I had before one worked. Also plug a hardrive to USB port is a no go as well it won’t read it. You simply pushusb return on zoom to play back Auria tracks easy as pie. So anyone looking for a killer for the money interface for Auria you need to ser9 look at this thing. It also has latency compensation built in and adjustable by the user. no I do not work for Zoom.

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