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Presonus Studio 192

Post by mikecan4 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:27 am

I just got my first IPad 5th Gen.

I have a 2012 Mac Pro dual core 3.4 mhz with 64 gig mem, DAW Studio One Pro with Presonus Studio 192 audio interface and it works great!

Most recently I bought the 5th generation IPad. I got the Auria daw and bought the Apple camera lighting to USB converter, it works great with the Presonus Studio USB power needed, just connect it and you ready! After recording I move the AAF files to my Dropbox from the IPad, and from Dropbox to my Mac into my DAW S1 pro, where I mix add processing and master each song. I always master on a different day!

I mainly record the drums and guitar parts at the guitarist home where we rehearse.

Recording on IPad using Auria DAW and the Presonus 192 with a Digimax FS to get 12 drum mic's recorded and a few guitar parts, makes life a little more easier by not having to lug my 2012 Mac Pro around with all the VST and mastering software I have installed, that makes it somewhat priceless to me.

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