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audio interface behringer x32

Post by mididrum » Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:18 am

i'am boring to repeat but YOU got lost MY VERY USEFULL TIPS on upload...
so USING BEHRINGER RACK x32 : you'll get EVERYTHING needed OR MISSING to Auria USERS to get a PRO DAW safe, powerfull.ergonomic...a DREAM came true ( really!)
just MIDI will be tricky since the ONLY access' (x32 got no midi NOTES thru) for keyboardist TO auria will need to SHARE the USB2 hub between Ipad And behringer x32 USB OUT
DIFFICULT...without a keyboard out USB (As X KEY 25 or 37..) .since USB HUB don't have the lightning IN needed to connect such keyboards lightning out ....NOR the yamaha midi adapter to iPad port/adapter lightning (available).

that was the ONLY bemol to a MAGIC MATCHING TEAM ...Priceless For USE....priceless to buy....compared to ANY BRAND
while any OLD ( cheap now) Ipad CAN Be in use for PERFECT remote....of x32 by wifi ( needs a transmitter)

Next behringer rack AIR 18 coming maybe a cheaper opportunity, I6 NPUTS are easier access since they can connect jack OR MIKE, wifi transmitter is included BUT rack 18 will loose 4 (usefull) effects.
No STARTING might be tricky but quickly uneeded from the EASY use of iPad but ipad battery exhausted...
:evil: butcprobably 'easier At matrices settings, wifi settings...and amazing cheap: affordable with an OLD iPad remote

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