behringer rack x32

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behringer rack x32

Post by mididrum » Tue Feb 03, 2015 1:34 am

THAT audio interface with usb hub ( no alim needed) works PERFECT (make sure both settings are same 44 OR 48k..!)
little bit tricky for non Pro since the behringer x32 rack got USEFULL matrix for most everything BUT needs to be set matching ALSO Auria matrices in/out
but compared to ANY other MIXING brand...a DREAM for sounds and so many POWERFULL EASY settings
About midi ability for keyboards players and its ipad wifi remote control? i will write advice later since i just received it.
i am used to (USB) Presonus VSL 18/18 ( boring USB instability)and Alesis I/orack ( midi+audio) as well as USB ( midi+ audio) Korg KRONOS. All of them CAN DO
BUT ... NONE can compare for sound ( midas preamp!) Nor its FULL program mix/effects settings WITH USB...STABILITY(!)
ITS ipad remote app is a wonder so let's hope....( needs wifi transmitter)
while its midi ( in/out) settings appear in auria matrix ( should work!)
and maybe...the x key usb should work TOO ( as usual) since it uses to PLUG directly into the USB HUB to play iPad synths

as soon as.....
AURIA is JUST missing...ONE MIDI (multichannels AS IS )TRACK (please update...) for LIVE Impros to benefit of APP edit or change sound choice at mixdown...
Needs Also an Alphabetic ORDER for AAC inserts that are a MESS to choose 100 (!) available in disorder....while THERE is NO GARANTEE about their compatibility .....
so as an Auria addict...i DREAM about it....
MIDI track Doesn't need editor...could be done in any dedicated app outside .( ONE -Multichannels(!) midi track only needs export AND import...)

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