Itrack Dock, Auria and Itunes

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Itrack Dock, Auria and Itunes

Post by Javicava » Tue Dec 16, 2014 2:17 pm

Hello, I just bought the Itrack Dock to use it with the Ipad mini and Auria. I want it for playing Live, not recording. I just connect one or two instruments (sax/voice) and have the EQ and effects on Auria. Also i want to play the backround music with Itunes (or other app) to play over it, but muy question is if I can have a separate channel to control the volume of the music, in Auria. Because I can control it with the Ouput Knob on the Itrack DOck, but it modifies also the instruments (it´s a master volume).
I hope you can help me.
To sum up: I would like to have independent volume control for one or two imput instruments and ALSO for the music that i play over.
And one last question, if its possible to enlarge the size of the faders?? (In the Ipad mini is difficult to control it, because its small size).
Thank you very much!
Have a good day.

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