MackieDL806 and 4 microphones

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MackieDL806 and 4 microphones

Post by JoeDrums » Fri Dec 12, 2014 10:16 am

Hey all, a couple months back I purchased the MackieDL806, a few Mics, and Auria. It was my intention and hope with the dl806 to record band practices with a different track for each mic into Auria, but in the input matrix I'm only able to select input 1 and 2. I dug through the posts on this forum and according to some folk, that's the most I can expect due to hardware limitations of the DL806.

Assuming that is true, I have some questions that hopefully you guys n gals can help answer:

1) Are The two tracks from Mackie's Master Fader app that feed into Auria just copies of the Main LR feed in the Mackie app?
-are there ways to maybe map 2 mics to each track for greater post-recording ability?
-any tips or tricks for making the best of this apparent limitation with my current hardware and software?

2) Is there a single hardware interface or software solution that would enable me to accomplish my goal of simultaneously recording a different mic in each track of Auria?
-if not a single item purchase solution, at a minimum what would I need to accomplish aforementioned goal?

Thank you for any and all feedback and answers.

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Re: MackieDL806 and 4 microphones

Post by C-minus » Mon Dec 15, 2014 6:59 pm

You can pan your mics on the mixer to determine their placement in L/R feed. So say you wanted at least one of your 4 mics on its own channel, pan that mic Hard left, the other 3 hard right. Assuming you're going into auria as 2 separate tracks (L/R), your "main" mic will be 1, and 2 will be the other three mics, blended to your liking on the mixer. Two interfaces I've been looking at for multiple channels with Auria are the Presonus and Focusrite Scarlett 18's.
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Re: MackieDL806 and 4 microphones

Post by Tmn126 » Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:14 pm

Hi Joedrums,

1. If you are running the new MasterFader 3 you have a few different options when routing to your iPad inputs (yes unfortunately there are only two channels you can route on the 806 and 1608). If you look in the output routing page you will see by default the iPad record channels are routed to the Main L and R pre fader. You may want to route each iPad record channel to its own subgroup, this will give you a lot more flexibility when deciding which mic's to send where. You can also EQ and compress each sub group as you see fit.

2. I'm using the DL32r which at the moment allows for 24 independent channels, obviously this will be overkill if you only need as many channels as the 806. Are you able to record two mics at a time then switch the channels in Aruia and dub in the next two mics?

Hope this helps,

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