Yamaha MOXF as USB Audio

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Yamaha MOXF as USB Audio

Post by SSquared » Thu Jul 24, 2014 8:37 am

This is geared more to synth players. A new OS for the Yamaha MOXF6/8 just came out and it allows full USB Audio with the iPad. It's fantastic!

I hooked it up to Auria and was able to record the synth. The MOXF also has an A/D analog input (for a mixer, another synth MIDI'd, etc.). You can record from both sources at the same time on separate channels within Auria. The A/D Input is on USB channels 1/2 and the synth is on 3/4. And of course, you can record the synth while listening to Auria playback through the MOXF's output.

For me, this is absolutely fantastic. The MOXF6 is a light 15 lbs., put the AC adapter, sustain pedal, iPad, USB cable and headphones in my backpack, and I have a very portable studio.

I have tested on iPad4/iOS 6.1.3 and an iPad 2/iOS 7. I did have issues with Auria crashing. I find you need to load Auria first, then plug in the CCK/USB.

To set things up on your MOXF:
1) Press UTILITY
2) Press F5 for USB I/O
3) Set mode to 2StereoRec
4) And set DirectMonitorSw for both options to 'on'.

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