Scarlett 8i6 and SPDif

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Scarlett 8i6 and SPDif

Post by jg707 » Tue Jun 24, 2014 4:10 pm

I think this question might be for Katherine at Focusrite, so if you're out there, here's my question...

I recently purchased the 8i6 and really love it for recording live tracks into Auria. As I understand it I am limited to the four analog inputs for discrete channels into Auria, but I'm wondering if there is a way to utilize the SPDif input for an additional stereo (or two mono channels) input into the iPad?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Scarlett 8i6 and SPDif

Post by Chaosinside777 » Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:01 pm

In Theory it should be no Problem to get the spdif Input working. But practically you will get crackles and Noise by using them, because the sync Settings from Scarlett Mix seem to " forget" or ignore the Settings, you made in Scarlett Mix before using them with the IPad.
this is a Problem I noticed also with my Scarlett 18i20, which makes it impossible for me to use the spdif with the iPad.
The 8 analogue Inputs work like a charm....

I already have Sent an Email to Focusrite ....I'm very excited about their reply.

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