Aphex 500 Rack

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Aphex 500 Rack

Post by bash » Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:35 pm

I just added an Aphex 500 Rack to my slowly growing "world's smallest DAW" and so far, so good. Having the headphone out require a secondary stereo buss is a little goofy but I understand the design decision. I haven't given it much of a workout so far so this isn't an endorsement but the Auria/Aphex combo is making me smile and now I have so many upgrade paths available to me. It's just so darn cute, too, I'm knitting mine a sweater. :D

Kudos to Rim and his Input/Output Matrices. Auria solved my headphone dilemma intuitively and elegantly whereas Cubasis just frustrated me. Not saying it couldn't solved in Cubasis after more research, just that I frisked the usual suspects and came up with no solution.

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