iPad4 vs Macbook Pro Sound Quality Variation

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iPad4 vs Macbook Pro Sound Quality Variation

Post by sELF » Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:40 am

Hey. I just realise this might be a better place for the post I already placed in General Discussion :? (And I don't yet know how to delete my other post?)
Whilst loving the iOS world more than the world of DAWs on a laptop: I'm a bit concerned about audio quality issues.
I generally create a track in Samplr. Then take the mixed audio track into Auria for mastering (64 bit mixer option), through Pro C / Q / L. After a fair bit of tweaking I have a fairly reasonable recording. Then I export the 32 bit WAV to my MBP (2.4ghz, 2009). I listen to the recording through the headphone out of my MBP: Suddenly there is a huge rise in bass frequencies and other variations in audio quality that have not been audible on my iPad4 through its built in headphone socket. This does, though, correspond with the EQ reading I was seeing on Pro Q's high res display, but just not hearing through the iPad's headphone socket!
I have yet to upgrade to an iPad audio interface, which I assume might fix everything) I am wondering what to do. I am also wondering which 1, 2 or 4 channel audio interface I can afford that might fix my dilemma naturally!?
P.S Don't get me started on the next annoyances of getting a reasonable MP3 transfer to Soundclouds' limited 128k world after working through the variations in audio quality of each mix iPad to MBP :(

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