Is Auria compatible with Ipad 4

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Is Auria compatible with Ipad 4

Post by mixolodian » Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:44 am

Hi there
I have a few questions to ask and would like to thank you in advance for answering my questions
I recently got an ipad 4 and i was wondering if Auria is compatible with it?
Are there any audio recording interfaces that work with the ipad 4?
And will the ipad 4 work together with the ipad 3 with Auria Link so i can record upto 96 tracks?
When will yous be introducing midi and would it work with my Boss gr 55 guitar midi effects unit?

And the last thing i would just like to say that i was beyond amazed when i heard that i could replace my £200 Boss br 80 (8 track recorder)
with something that is much cheaper and much more powerful, thank you all very much for creating this masterpiece.


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Re: Is Auria compatible with Ipad 4

Post by Chris M » Fri Nov 16, 2012 10:58 am


Glad you're enjoying Auria!

Yes, the iPad 4 is compatible and behave the same way as all the other models, but with increased performance. Here is a list of compatible audio interfaces that we are compiling:

We don't have a timeframe for the MIDI implementation at this point, and we can't comment as to whether specific devices will be compatible yet.


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Re: Is Auria compatible with Ipad 4

Post by bluesnoz » Fri Nov 16, 2012 11:16 am

I've always been a PC guy but was so tempted by Auria I have taken the plunge. My new ipad4 arrived yesterday. Auria IS awesome! I have the focusrite 18i6 which I firmware updated a few weeks ago. With Auria already running I just plugged in the focusrite with just the camera connection kit and with no dialogue or any fuss there are suddenly 18 inputs on the input matrix....unbelieveable :D I was wondering if there might be a driver to install..but no, it just works!

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