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Reverb issue

Post by Flamenco-guy » Thu Sep 27, 2012 11:16 pm

Hi guys,
I just purchased auria today, and to be honest I was very disappointed with the included reverb!

Here is the issue,

1.The included convolution reverb is useless during record-monitoring, unless with very high latencies (which makes no sense)

2. My disappointment started with the Classic Verb, that sounds very artificial and not artistic at all, furthermore cannot be compared to the simple reverb included in GarageBand which is transparent and simple. And surely no CPU hungry like the super convolution reverb.

With such a powerful application (auria) one would expect a better reverb which is not as demanding as the convolution version, but allows for sweet sound for the performer to monitor. For examples something similar to TC native reverb which is very efficient.

Everything else about the plugins and the EQ quality/performance is GREAT! But please guys give us a sweet sounding practical reverb.

Flamenco Guy

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Re: Reverb issue

Post by Chris M » Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:41 am


Yes, the convolution reverb is quite CPU intensive--convolution reverb is by nature. For it to run on a record enabled track, the buffer size would need to be too high to realistically monitor the signal.

With regards to the Classic Verb, we will continue to make improvements to our plugins and we plan to support more third-party plugins in the future.


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Re: Reverb issue

Post by robdean » Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:12 pm

I agree very much with the original poster. I've been using Auria to mix down tracks exported from the app Music Studio, which has really rather primitive effects implementation, but find myself struggling to recreate the fundamental sense of real space I had in the original rough mix. Music Studio has only a single reverb (with similarly limited parameters, although with hall/canyon/room profiles). It can only be on or off per track: hopelessly restricting compared to the Auria spec, but the Auria classic reverb feels to me to be so lifeless by comparison it is heartbreaking. I feel less in need of a fistful of CPU hungry convolution snapshots than a simple, adaptable sweet sounding reverb which adds more to the impression of a real soundstage/space/ambience than it takes away. The above description 'artificial and not artistic' rings completely true to me. Auria is a miracle, but the reverb really does let it down.
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Re: Reverb issue

Post by Jus » Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:31 pm

The Reverb is slightly better (to me) in THM in Auria if you have it , loaded up thm without amps and cabinets effects etc just reverb sounds lovely (not quite as lush as I like but more usable) with acoustic /electric Guitar or vocals ,that's all I've tested so far
But I guess it's not worth buying thm unless you a guitarist.

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