Lyra output gain 10db less than expected

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Lyra output gain 10db less than expected

Post by Smaug » Mon Dec 02, 2019 1:53 am

I was wondering why my custom-built soundfonts sounded so quiet in Lyra, so built a simple SFZ with a single sine wave at maximum amplitude (0dBFS):

sample=Test Tone 1000Hz 0dB 10s.wav
lokey=1 hikey=127
lovel=0 hivel=127

Playing this back in Lyra at velocity=127 and CC07=127 produces an output at -10dBFS with all faders at 0dB. It seems that Lyra has a hard-wired 10dB headroom. Why is that? I don't think this is part of the SFZ spec. In comparison the Plogue Sforzando AU plugin plays this at full volume in Logic.

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